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2017 Learning Forward New Hampshire Annual Conference 

The 6 Core Principles Of Improvement





Learning Forward Virginia: "Virginia is for PBL" Conference

Midlothian, Virginia

October 12-14, 2017

For updates: www.learningforwardvirginia.org



2017 Learning Forward Annual in Orlando "Learning Beyond the Horizon"

December 2-6, 2017

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Mission of Learning Forward New Hampshire

Learning Forward builds the capacity of educators to establish to establish, lead and sustain highly effective professional learning.

Vision: Excellent learning opportunities for all.

The vision of the LFNH is enacted through the access to quality professional development which:

  • Focuses on all members of the school community as central to student learning
  • Respects and nurtures the intellectual, emotional and leadership capacity of all members of the school community
  • Prepares educators to understand and appreciate all students and create safe, orderly, and supportive learning environments
  • Reflects best available research and practice in teaching, learning, and leadership;
  • Enables educators to develop further expertise in the essential elements of teaching to high standards
  • Promotes continuous collaborative inquiry and improvement embedded into the daily life of schools
  • Focuses on individual, collegial, and organizational improvement
  • Is planned, collaboratively, by those who will participate and facilitate that development
  • Is driven by a coherent, long-term plan that uses student data to determine adult learning priorities
  • Is evaluated ultimately on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning
  • Uses assessment to guide subsequent professional development efforts, and
  • Allocates substantial time and resources to achieve this vision


  • Quality professional development positively impacts student learning.
  • Quality professional development promotes and supports positive change in schools.

Who does LFNH serve?

New Hampshire educators and those associated with the professional development of teachers and other school personnel.

History of LFNH

Originally named the NH Staff Development Council, the organization's roots began with a formation meeting in May 2001

NHSDC applied for Affiliate status from the National Staff Development Council in September 2004

Following the lead of the National Staff Development Council, NHSDC changed its name to Learning Forward New Hampshire in 2010

Registered with New Hampshire Charitable Trust in 2013.

Filed for, and was granted, a 501(c)(3) in 2014.

Presidents Emeritus

Susan Fitzell served at First elected President of the Launching Board

Jane Bergeron, President, 2005-2007

Deborah Roody, President, 2007-2009

Helene Bickford/Laura Thomas, Co-Presidents, 2009-2011

Deborah Roody/Laurie Johnson, Co-Presidents, 2011-2012

Laurie Johnson, President, 2012-2013

Kathleen McIntyre, President, 2013-2014

Ethel Gaides, President, 2014-present