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2017 Learning Forward New Hampshire Annual Conference 

The 6 Core Principles Of Improvement





Learning Forward Virginia: "Virginia is for PBL" Conference

Midlothian, Virginia

October 12-14, 2017

For updates: www.learningforwardvirginia.org



2017 Learning Forward Annual in Orlando "Learning Beyond the Horizon"

December 2-6, 2017

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Learning Forward New Hampshire's Vision: Excellent learning opportunities for all. 

Learning Forward New Hampshire's Mission: Learning Forward builds the capacity of educators to establish, lead and sustain highly effective professional learning.


Purpose:  “The purpose of LFNH is to provide vision, leadership and support for standards-based professional learning in order to build educator capacity and effectiveness in service of student learning.”  Our mission is: "Learning Forward builds the capacity of educators to establish, lead and sustain highly effective professional learning."  As a public service organization, we accomplish this purpose by promoting the vision and definition of high quality professional learning and by facilitating educators’ use of tools developed by our national organization, Learning Forward.  Typical activities include conferences, workshops, book talks and professional conversations.  Our message is reinforced by public service notices through our website, email, and newsletter communications.

Resources for NH Educators

One resource is a page of resources to assist educators with implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  This free resource was compiled by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and includes introductory information about the CCSS as well as information about how to review instruction materials, instructional supports, implementation planning and information specific to the Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy standards.  Links to resources for career and technical education, English Language Learners and students with disabilities are also provided. To access this free resource, click on the link here.


Learning Foward New Hampshire's Spring 2014 conference was centered on creating District Master Plans that meet the revised requirements of the DOE.  In order to continue that thread, and connect that work to the teachers in the state as well, the Fall 2015 conference featured keynote speaker Dr. Kim Marshall and focused on how (and why) educators across the state do what they do. This event took place on November 20th at the SERESC facilities in Bedford, NH, and included a keynote and breakout sessions to serve the needs of educators at all levels and years of experience. The Fall 2016 conference continued our work with Dr. Kim Marshall and focused our work on how to empower effective and engaged educators.

Revised Standards for Professional Learning were published by Learning Forward in 2011.  The work of LFNH in 2012-2013 focused on the dissemination of information about the revised standards.  To this end, LFNH and the NH Department of Education sponsored an event in March 2013 to introduce the standards to NH educators.  Stephanie Hirsch, Executive Director of Learning Forward, spoke about the standards and informed workshop participants about many of the resources available to Learning Forward members for use in their implementation. Over the years, the board of Learning Forward NH has had strong ties with the New Hampshire Department of Education, and has advocated for the inclusion of the Standard for Professional Learning in the creation of Master Plans across the state.

Since then, Learning Forward has teamed with both the data team at the Frontline Research and Learning Institute and the extensive educational researchers across Canada to do some remarkable work on Professional Learning and the effectiveness of the craft. (For more information, check out Frontline's "Bridging the Gap" or the "Canada Study" on Learningforward.org.) Our current advocacy work is centered on ensuring that professional development meets the needs of educators across the state, and nation, to ensure the best results for our students.  This includes our continued support for Title II and IIA funding and work towards providing disctricts with professional learning and development that they may need. Members of the board of Learning Forward New Hampshire come from a variety of positions across the state, and look forward to being even more of a resource in the coming years.



Formerly NHSDC

Learning Forward New Hampshire, formerly the New Hampshire Staff Development Council, has followed the lead of the National Staff Development Council and updated its name to better reflect its mission.